Distinguished Alumni

The OWHS Distinguished Alumni Award recognizes outstanding alumni of Oshkosh West High School who have maintained a high standard of excellence and distinguished themselves through their work, personal accomplishments, or in the lives of others. These individuals exemplify the values of Oshkosh West High School and should be held as role models for current and future Oshkosh West students.  Award winners are honored with an event, an opportunity to speak to our student body, and a permanent plaque on the Distinguished Alumni Wall.

The Distinguished Alumni Committee accepts nominations on an annual basis.  Watch for communications from the district and school when the nomination window opens. 

Click a name to see a photo of that individual’s plaque which hangs on the Distinguished Alumni Wall at Oshkosh West High School.  Each plaque details that person's exceptional accomplishments.

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Paul Anger ‘67

James Basiliere ‘54

Judy Britton ‘62

Crystal Chan ‘98

Nancy Cochran ‘63

Janet Dempsey Steiger ‘56

Irene Derus ‘54

Gail Dobish ‘72

Joey Putzer Edmonds ‘58

Robert Greenkorn ‘46

Mark Gruenwald ‘71

Scott Grunwald ‘75

Robert Hanisch ‘72

Lewis Hine 1891

Clarence Jungwirth ‘38

B. W. Keese 1913

John Kester ‘55

Henry Kimberly ‘37

Arline Laedtke Sitter ‘42

Frederick Leist ‘59

Bobby Lewis ‘53

Karen Lindsay ‘67

Alexis Ludewig ‘70

Thomas Martin ‘79

Thomas McCain ‘59

Jeremy Trent Monnett ‘92

Christine Nelson ‘63

Nick Penzenstadler '06

Dylan Postl ‘04

Laurence (Dutch) Rennert ‘50

T. J. Rodgers ‘66

Steven Schaick ‘76

Kay Schwebke ‘79

Sharon Singstock ‘63

William Steiger ‘56

Jack Steinhilber ‘49

Paul Tipler ‘51

Jill (Young) Vollbrecht ‘93

Ruth Whitney ‘45

Thomas Williams ‘51

Oshkosh West High School also maintains an Athletic Hall of Fame, which can be viewed on the athletics website, and a Veterans Honor Hall, which can be viewed here.