The Wildcat Way

What is The Wildcat Way?

The Wildcat Way is developed from a research based framework and school-wide approach for teaching and supporting positive behaviors for all students. Consistent schoolwide and classroom expectations are a major component of a positive school culture.  They provide the structure and routines that  help all students succeed. 

Wildcat Way Acknowledgements

Individual Student Acknowledgements

  • Wildcat Win Cards - Teachers will give out cards to students demonstrating the Wildcat Way.  The students then turn those into the box by student services.  The cards turned into the box will be included in the weekly Wildcat Wednesday drawings.
  • Wildcat Wednesdays will include student names being drawn from the tank to win things such as t-shirts, gift cards, and other fabulous rewards!
  • Postcards sent home

Classwide or Group Acknowledgements

  • Classroom acknowledgements will be provided in response to performance on blitzes and challenges throughout the year
  • Classes will win things like cookies, popcorn, etc.

School-Wide Celebrations

  • School-Wide celebrations will be held when a school-wide goal is met