District Busing via Kobussen

The Oshkosh Area School District (OASD) provides free school bus transportation, via Kobussen Buses LTD., to students who live outside of the Oshkosh city limits or who live in various areas without sidewalks. Each August the District mails a letter to households with children who meet the District's eligibility guidelines. OASD students who do not live in areas served by school buses can choose to ride city buses (see GO Transit information below).

City Busing via GO Transit

All Oshkosh K-12 students can ride city buses for FREE. This access began in September 2020 and is made possible through a partnership between the OASD, City of Oshkosh, and private funders. Students in grades 6-12 must show their OASD student ID when getting onto a GO Transit Oshkosh city bus. GO Transit buses offer access to schools within the City of Oshkosh. Many routes provide direct or very close service to schools and GO Transit also offers a few scheduled route deviations for students. Click on the following link for detailed information including bus fares, guidelines, rules, and route information from GO Transit, organized by school: GO Transit School Routes

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