Newsletter Week of November 11, 2019


November 8, 11, 12 & 14

On November 8, 11, 12, and 14 we will have an extended W Hour in order to provide our band students with common time together to rehearse for the Oshkosh and Appleton holiday parades. On these dates, all students will have the same lunch period so freshmen will be allowed to leave campus during lunch. 

Zero     7:18 - 8:07 
1           8:12 - 8:57 
2           9:02 - 9:47 
3           9:52 - 10:37 
W-Hr  10:42 - 11:27 
4          11:32 - 12:17 
Lunch  12:17 - 1:03 
5            1:08 - 1:53 
6            1:58 - 2:43 
7            2:48 -3:33 


Our Place 

The unassuming location of a dock extending out onto a small lake serves as the backdrop for five different stories. The entire ensemble gathers on the dock together for the final scene. In a poetic epilogue, they all discover the true meaning of Our Place - both comedic and tragic.

Public performances are Friday and Saturday, November 15th and 16th. It is the one-act play AND a variety show combined. Tickets are $5 and students are free with their ID; doors open at 7:00pm and show starts at 7:30pm. 


Would you like to connect with a West parent? We have several parents mentors that you can reach out to for questions about parenting high school kids. Please see this link for the mentors' names and contact information.  As always, if you ever have questions about ANYTHING, please call us. The newsletter and website are the two best resources for you to find information, but if you can't find the answers you are looking for, we are here to help!


Join us on Saturday, November 9 from 3:00-6:00PM in the O-Room at West High School (enter via door #24 by the gym) to celebrate and recognize those in our community who sacrificed all or part of their lives for our great country, state, and community. This is a time to pay tribute to those in the Oshkosh High/West Veterans’ Honor Hall and other veterans in our community, reconnect with old acquaintances/friends, and socialize over a cup of coffee or snacks. Come and stay for an hour or three! 

The Honor Hall now has 3429 heroes who graduated or attended Oshkosh High or Oshkosh West High School. 

If you are a veteran, or know a veteran, who graduated or attended Oshkosh High School or Oshkosh West High School please nominate them to the Honor Hall. If you have any questions please call Andrew Schaller at 920-424-4090 ext. 6666.