Newsletter Week of April 13, 2020


Students will still have the opportunity to earn college credit by taking their Advanced Placement exams this spring. The College Board is working to prepare exams students will take at home on their electronic device. Here is a link to information on the College Board website.  Some of the key details are 

  • Exams are at a scheduled day and time (see schedule below)
  • Exams are streamlined and limited to 45 minutes instead of the typical 2 1/2- 3 1/2 hours.
  • West students will be able to access the exams via their chromebooks.
  • Students may choose to handwrite or type their responses. Directions will be provided for both choices.
  • College Board will be providing specific directions, simulation videos, and opportunities for students to access the test portal before their test day. These will be provided to students in late April.

Your student's teacher contacted your student with specific information about the type of question(s) that will appear on this updated test. If you have questions specific to your student's test, please contact the teacher. For general questions about AP testing this year, please contact Heather Kangas, West's AP Coordinator. You can reach her at

Exam Schedule 
Monday, 5/11/20 AP US Government and Politics 3:00 pm
Wednesday, 5/13/20 AP English Literature 1:00 pm
                                      AP European History 3:00 pm
Friday, 5/15/20 AP US History 1:00 pm
Wednesday, 5/20/20 AP English Language 1:00 pm
Thursday, 5/21/20 AP World History 1:00 pm
Friday, 5/22/20 AP Statistics 1:00 pm


We have been getting quite a few emails regarding Chromebooks either running slowly or giving the message that they are critically low on space. I have a few suggestions that should help with these problems. 

  1. SHUT DOWN your chromebook completely each night. Don't just close the lid... actually shut it down. This will help a great deal with its overall performance! 
  2. Clear the browsing history, cookies and cache regularly! Have no idea what this means? Doesn't matter... you can still manage to do this! Here's a screencast of how to accomplish this simple task. (Click here for the screencast.)
  3. Reduce the amount of tabs you have open. I know, this is a difficult task sometimes... but utilizing bookmark shortcuts can be super helpful! Here's a quick video of how to "Bookmark All Tabs" that can help make this less daunting. 


Did you pre order your yearbook? If not, no worries! Late sales are happening now! You can purchase yours online here:, or mail a check to the school bank for $60; be sure to indicate that it is for a yearbook.


I'm the school nurse for Perry Tipler, Alps and Oshkosh West. I realize with our unplanned temporary closing of school you may have some questions about medications or supplies left in the health office, general questions about school health, 504 plans, immunizations and/or questions about next school year. We are working through many things as each day goes on. However, please feel free to email me any questions you have and I will do my best to answer them. My email address is

Please continue to follow the Safer At Home order set by Governor Evers. For a great explanation of what that order really means please click on this link. Reminder: this means that your children should not be hanging out with other children that do not live with them.  

I hope that everyone is doing well and staying healthy. Please reach out to me if you have any questions. 

Mrs. Rebholz RN, BSN


The district web page also has a lot of helpful information, including communications regarding COVID-19, a page dedicated to at-home learning resources, and information about the free meals being provided. Please see this information at


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