Newsletter Week of August 28, 2020


Please be sure to register your student online ASAP (if you have not done so already) for the 2020-2021 School Year.

Enrollment Process



  • All school/class fees should be posted in Infinite Campus. Please check your Infinite Campus portal to view and pay fees online. If you would prefer to pay with a check, please make the check out to OWHS and have your student bring the check to the school bank, or drop the check off at Door 24 or Door 38 during regular school hours.



Please click here for a message from the School Nurse.


Welcome back, Wildcats!  The West LMC is still open for your business! Simply place a Hold using Destiny. Follow these directions to do so. Your friendly LMC staff will pull your requested book and hold it for you and email you when the book is ready for pick up. 

Fees in IC? Do you have questions about Fees in Infinite Campus? Watch this slideshow for directions on how to look into your son/daughter's fees/fines.

*These videos are also available on the West LMC website - along with a BUNCH of other useful information. Be sure to check it out! Or feel free to email me with any questions about Digital Citizenship or online/paper resources. 

ARE you looking for times and places to pick up devices for eAcademy? Click here.


This information is coming to you to assist in the picture ordering process. Network Photography is encouraging schools to share this information with parents early and before the picture taking dates so that parents can best choose what works for them.

  • Here is the link that parents can use to order their pictures and pre-pay online for them.  This option is the best as it alleviates having more physical contact and lets parents order directly from their homes. Oshkosh West HS School Pictures - Pre-Pay Option
  • Here is the form for parents to be able to print a physical copy of the order form and send it with payment when their child has their picture taken or for schools to print extras should they need them.  Copies of the order form will be available with the photographers also.
  • Students in the B Group will have their pictures taken during English class on September 1st. 
  • Students in the A Group will have their pictures taken during English class on September 2nd. 
  • Students will be issued their student ID cards upon having their pictures taken. 
  • An announcement will be made both days for any seniors who do not have an English class this semester to report to the auditorium or LMC for pictures. 


You are invited either Tuesday, 9/1/20 or Wednesday, 9/2/20 to come to the Auditorium doors from 7:30 a.m. - 8:30 a.m. to have your student picture taken. 



2020-2021 AP Students and Parents/Guardians:

AP test fees are due by September 30, 2020 for the May 2021 AP exams. The College Board made some significant changes for Advanced Placement courses and testing starting with the 2019-2020 school year. One important change that started last year was that students now register and pay for their AP tests in the beginning of the school year instead of mid-year. The cost for each AP test is $95, with the test fee waived for students who qualify for free/reduced meals. The deadline for test registration and payment is September 30, 2020. Students will complete an online registration process in their AP classes. You will be able to make test fee payments through Infinite Campus, just as you can for other school fees. The AP test fee can be added to your cart by going to fees/my account/optional payments. Most tests are listed separately; if the test is not listed, select other AP exam. The other payment option is to bring cash or a check made out to Oshkosh West to the school bank. If your student qualifies for free/reduced lunch, your student will still need to go to the school bank to confirm his/her intention to take the exam and to be added to the test roster. Please contact West AP Coordinator Heather Kangas at if you have any questions.




Any students who would like to purchase a parking pass must complete the form linked below. Parking passes are $75 and students must be "in good standing" to purchase a pass. Once the form is completed, the office will verify that a student meets the criteria, add the parking pass option in the Infinite Campus fees tab, and notify the student. After paying the fee online in Infinite campus, please email Mrs. LaCount ( so she can verify payment. If you would prefer to pay with a check or cash, that can be done in the school bank. Students will be notified when their parking passes can be picked up at Door 24. We will not ticket vehicles parked in the parking lot until we are able to process the requests. An announcement will be made during school announcements notifying students when we begin ticketing vehicles without parking passes. 

Parking Pass Application Form