Newsletter Week of February 10, 2020


Please join the Oshkosh West High School community for an evening of celebration. This event is designed to highlight the wonderful talents, services and organizations embedded in the Oshkosh West H.S. community that interconnect all of us while community members enjoy a sampling of delicious soups.

The event runs on Friday night, February 7th from 4:30-7pm and will precede the Oshkosh West/Oshkosh North varsity boys & girls basketball games.The cost is $5 to sample a delicious selection of soups.  For $10, you will sample soups, and also take home a gorgeous ceramic bowl created by our Art Department.  There will be only 50 of these unique bowls available on a first come, first serve basis.  In addition to soups, the West Culinary Arts program will be providing desserts for sale.  All proceeds will be used to fund the arts. While you dine, entertainment will be provided by West students in a variety of genres to showcase the talents of our student body. Hope you can join us!


The week of February 10-14 is Wisconsin School Bus Driver Recognition Week. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the bus drivers who get our students to and from school and to other events safely.


Baby Yoda is coming to the LMC! Check out our Baby Yoda Photo Booth!  Stop in, snap a pict and enter a contest to win a FREE Life-Size Baby Yoda Cardboard Stand up!

FREE ACT Test Prep! 
The Learning Express Library, offered through BadgerLink, provides free materials to help you prepare for the:   ACT, SAT, PSAT/NMSQT, AP exams and college admissions essay writing prompts. Check it out!

Safety First with Email
You may already be aware that you should not open email attachments with an extension such as ".exe", but did you know that even PDFs or Word Documents can be rendered unsafe to open? Opening these attachments from senders with malicious intent can cause your computer (and any networks to which you are connected) to be compromised, hacked or even riddled with ransomware.

What are the unsafe file types to look out for? 
This question is better answered by listing file types that are generally considered to be safe to open. The truth is that almost all file types are at risk of being “booby-trapped” to attack your computer or device.

The general rule is to NEVER open an email attachment if you do not know who it came from or why you received it.

How can I tell if an attachment is safe to open?

  • Ask yourself: Was I expecting to receive this attachment, and did it come from who I would expect it to come from? Check email addresses for any “red flags” that may indicate the email address has been spoofed or faked.

  • Never open an email attachment if you don’t recognize the sender that it came from.

  • If you recognize the person or email address sending you the file, but it was still unexpected, contact them first through a different form of communication (such as by phone) to ask them if they intended to send you the file.


Below is the Sign Up for Battle on Bago which is our biggest fundraiser of the year. We are asking everyone to try to sign up for a slot as "many hands make light work." Friends and family are more than welcome to help out as are students! 

This event takes place February 21-22 at Menominee Park (ON THE PARKING LOT, not on the ice:)) The Tent we work in is HEATED!! It is not as cozy as your home, but it is pretty comfy working.

We are not only asked to work the event itself, but we are asked to help out in setting up (Thursday 2/20) and tearing down (late Saturday 2/22 as well as Sunday 2/23 morning). There are plenty of opportunities to help out!

The kitchen is staffed 100% by our booster club on Friday night. We were a little short last year, but we made it work. I'm hoping we have a few more people signing up this year, so we can give some breaks. We share kitchen duties on Saturday with another organization, so you will see less slots for the kitchen on Saturday.

If anyone has any questions of what the work entails, just ask and I will be glad to explain. If there is a time that works better for you and you want to help out,  let me know and I will find a job for you:)  If you will be late for a shift or you need to leave early, please note in the sign up. 

It is a lot of fun, so don't hesitate to sign up!!

Battle On Bago 2020