Newsletter Week of February 24, 2020


The ACT for juniors is coming up quickly. This week, the juniors completed all of the pre-test information and there were details in last week's email blast for all grade levels regarding the school day on March 3rd. As a reminder for all juniors, it is CRITICAL to attend school on March 3rd as there is only one make-up date. Please do NOT schedule appointments on this day unless they are after 1:30 PM. 


Click on this link for the information regarding this day. Juniors will be taking the statewide ACT test from approximately 8:12am-1:00pm. The information in this link will address what freshmen, sophomores and seniors will be doing to fulfill the course requirements for the day.


Click on this link for information on staff locations/availability for this event.


Are you a current high school junior or senior and interested in a career in law enforcement or a related field? The Wisconsin American Legion offers a few Law Enforcement Academy that will be held June 22 – 26, 2020 at the Wisconsin State Patrol Training Academy at Ft. McCoy. The academy is free to all cadets! You just need to complete the application below by printing it and completing to include all of the signatures required and send it in to The Wisconsin American Legion Headquarters before the deadline.

52 cadets will be chosen to attend the academy. The curriculum includes classes such as Crime Scene Investigation, Crimes Against Children, OWI Enforcement, Computer Crimes, Firearms training and much more! The classroom is coupled with Physical training.

Click on this link to view the application and more information about the academy.


Advice from Common sense Media:  Is it Safe for Teens to Use Location Aps?

Check out the Baby Yoda Photo Booth in the  LMC! Stop in, snap a pic and enter a contest to win a FREE Life-Size Baby Yoda Cardboard Stand up!

Youth Option - IT position available
Job Description:

The Oshkosh Area School District is seeking two qualified applicants for the IT Youth Apprenticeship.  This position begins summer of 2020 working with the OASD Technology Department to prepare technology equipment at various schools throughout the district.  The position continues during the 2020-21 school year during an open hour staffing the Innovation at North High School (1 position) and West High School (1 position).  

Summer Hours - 40 hours/week - Mon-Thursday:  6am - 3pm; Friday:  6am - 10pm
School Year - 1 class period/day ; 5 hours/week

Minimum Qualifications:

  1. Junior/Senior during 2020-21 school year
  2. Eligible for an open hour
  3. Enrolled in technology related coursework during 2020-21 school year
  4. Hold valid drivers license  


Spring sport eligibility meetings have been scheduled.  If you are going out for one of the sports below the student and a parent should make every effort to attend the eligibility meeting. Please bring along any completed physical forms for your child. Parents and students will get all of the necessary paperwork from the school at the meeting:  the co-curricular handbook, concussion information, and agreement of parent and athlete form. The goal is to get everyone cleared to start practice the first day of the season.

Monday, February 24th  boys and girls track meeting - 6pm in the F-room
Monday, March 2nd  boys tennis meeting - 5:45pm in the O-room
Tuesday, March 3rd boys golf - 5:45pm in the O-room
Tuesday, March 3rd girls soccer - 7:15pm in the O-room
Monday, March 9th  softball meeting - 5:45pm in the O-room
Tuesday, March 16th baseball meeting - 5:45pm in the O-room